‘Share to redeem’ Coupons

One of our most popular features the coupon, just got turbo charged. Now featuring a new Share to Redeem coupon option gets users to share coupons on Facebook before it can be redeemed.

The viral possibilities are just plain amazing. Every coupon gets shared to hundreds of thousands of your target demographic market instantly! That’s more marketing power and reach than possibly anything you had before.

You can also track the performance of coupon redemptions with detailed analytics through the CMS and Google analytics.

Stunning interfaces

Choose between simple tabbed navigation to sliding and completely customizable tiles and Grids layouts. Navigation links can link to practically content within the app or even to external websites.

Access content buried deep within the app from the home page, add Sponsors messages and lots more directly in the home page. The new interfaces are a perfect combination of form and function.

Loyalty Stamps

Find it hard to keep a track of those cards for different coffees shops? Infinite Apps loyalty stamps are the smarter, more secure and easier alternative to your regular coffee card. Stamps can be redeemed using the in built a QR code scanner or by entering a pass code. Your customers will come back in store just to use it.

Get detailed analytics on the CMS and through Google analytics on all your Loyalty campaigns so you can monitor the response over multiple campaigns.

Menus and Catalogues

Create a full fledged catalogue, menu or directory listings with support for many levels of categories and items.

Print QR codes for each item in the list off the CMS for use with the built in QR scanner to give your customers instant access to the items on your catalogue.

Items on the menu/catalogue can be ordered directly through the mobile with payment through Paypal, Cash on Delivery or Judo Payments.

Real Time Updates

Change the app interface and the content on the app in real time! Add, remove and change the order of tabs on your app, change the theme, branding and icons and the app gets updated instantly on both the iPhone and Android without any resubmission to the App store!


With Places you can categorize places of interest including information and exact geo location of the point and get this rendered in a mobile app as a geo sorted list and a map view.

Put together a full Tourist app, members locations, running an event with multiple sites no problem list them all.

Specials, Events, and News

Update your customers with the Latest Events, News, Specials and more. With features that enable users to save a calendar date on their calendars and event locations through which they can directions to events with.

Keep your users updated with the latest and most relevant information.

RSS integration

Integrate any website with the app with the RSS feature and get instant app updates in real time.

Also supports multiple RSS feeds to create a full native experience of the RSS feed listing.

Push Notification

Get into your customers pocket’s instantly. Reach your exact target audience with the power of an SMS without any of the costs. Notify your customers about the Latest specials, promotions, news and updates anytime, anywhere

No other medium, TV, Print or the internet is as powerful as effective or as cheap.

Social wall

The Social wall is perfect for keeping users engaged and always interacting with the app ensuring repeat usage and high ROI. Users can post photos, add comments and even reply to comments right within the app and completely moderated by you.

Logins authenticated through Facebook ensures high quality interaction and users can post photos, add comments and even reply to comments right within the app and completely moderated by you.


Add beautiful photo galleries on your app that can be viewed as a slideshow and shared among your users.

A perfect fit for services like Hairdressing saloons, Graphic Designers / Museums and Art galleries and many more.

Web URLs

Extend the app and add in just about anything you can put on a webpage including Competitions, Newsletter subscription forms, Mobile booking forms, Facebook or Twitter.

Web URLs give you the ability to add in functionality anytime to the app by building mobile web pages and embedding them in the app using these features.