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If your clients are using Smartphones do they have your business app loaded?

Why You need a Mobile App

Now let’s imagine that you’re a business owner and you run, say, a restaurant. Or a cafe. What about if you are setting up and event or you run an education facility. You see people who can’t part with their gadgets even in your club/restaurant/bar/office/school.  In the past you could have contacted your clients only from time to time when they visited you, now you can be with them 24/7, without any breaks. The only thing you need to do is to get inside at least one of their gadgets.

So you need to understand why your business needs a mobile app.

The point of creating a mobile app is that it is first and foremost a branding tool which is used for keeping your clients aware of your service, for increasing the level of customers’ loyalty and for bringing them back to you at the first possible chance. Now if you are a non profit organisation the same general rules apply. You should bear in mind the fact that any mobile app works better on longer distance and doesn’t always bring immediate profit.

However the app should not only solve the problems of a business owner, but also be useful for a user. Otherwise users simply won’t download it. The application should serve two main purposes:

  • Solve client’s problem;
  • Solve client’s problem quickly.

And I would say that the second point is the most important as users have already got used to the convenience of using mobile technologies. A relevant and rewarding experience will keep your clients engaged. Thus, apps should be a user’s life buoy in any situation to keep him or her involved.

A few of the many features available to you with our Apps

'Share to redeem' Coupons

Share to Redeem coupon option gets users to share coupons on Facebook before it can be redeemed.

Real Time Updates

As you make updates to your App those updates carry through in real time so no need for resubmissions.

Stunning Interfaces

A range of interface options for your App. Choose what will best suit your clients.


Create a list of places of interest to your clients.

When we build you an App it will work across Android and iOS smartphone devices. There are no extra fees for two platforms. Cross platform applications mean you get better client coverage and less double handling. Fees: Design it yourself or we can help and once its ready a low Monthly Fee $39.95

      • excludes gst.
      • excludes any artwork design if any required on a company logo etc. However we work with local designers as needed.
      • Subject to our terms and conditions.